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Turnpike Road.

WHEREAS a Turnpike Road from Leominster in the County of Worcester, through Westminster, Templeton, Atholl, down Millerís River, and passing Millerís Plain to Connecticut River, so as to cross said River between the mouth of Deerfield River and the upper end of Corseís Island, where it is expected a Bridge will soon be built according to a grant already obtained for that purpose ; from thence to Greenfield in the County of Hampshire : Also, a Turnpike Road from Northfield in said County of Hampshire, in the most convenient direction, till it shall intersect the above described Road near Millerís River, would be of great public utility, and greatly facilitate the travel from the northern parts of the Counties of Worcester and Hamp shire, a part of the State of Newhampshire, and a large proportion of the State of Vermont, to the capital of Massachusetts : And as it would open an easy and safe communication from Connecticut River to Boston, short of ninety miles, it must be considered as a very great acquisition to the farm ing as well as the trading interest, and will enable the people inhabiting the northwestern parts of the State of Massachusetts and the adjacent parts of the State of Vermont, to transport a very great proportion of their produce to Boston, which is now transported to Connecticut, and sold in much less eligible markets than that of Boston, and wholly on account of the differ ence in the length and goodness of the roads : And viewed in connexion with the Turnpike Road across Hoosick Mountain, from Charlemont to Adams, will be the best and most direct road from Boston to Albany, and the Mohawk and Genessee Countries : And whereas from comparing the probable expense of making said Road, with the expense of other Turnpike Roads lately made, it is supposed that FORTY THOUSAND DOLLARS is a large calculation for the same, which divided into Sixteen Hundred Shares of Twenty Five Dollars each, will amount to said sum :--

We, therefore, whose names are here subscribed, do severally engage to take the number of Shares annexed to our respective names, and pay to the Directors who may hereafter be legally appointed to manage said Business, our equal proportion of the expense of making said Roads, according to our respective number of Shares : Pro vided an Act of the Legislature shall be obtained, on the Petition of CALEB ALVORD, and others, bearing date, January, 1798, incorporating the said Caleb and his Associates for the purpose of making said Roads, and granting them a Toll sufficient to reimburse the Proprietors the Money they shall ex pend in making said Roads, and Twelve per cent. Interest for the same.

JANUARY, 1798.


(c) Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association, Deerfield MA. All rights reserved.
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label levels:

There is currently no available "Beginner" label. The following is the default level label: Originally a spiked barrier fixed in or across a road or passage as a defense against sudden attack, especially of men on horseback, a turnpike is now only another word for a roadway, usually a toll road. Good roads were few in the late 18th century and this petition by Caleb Alvord (1751-1819) sought to improve that. He devised and had printed a subscription form to solicit investors so that a road could be built between the Massachusetts towns of Leominster and Greenfield. He then went on to petition the General Court (Massachusetts legislature) to incorporate a company to create the road.


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"Turnpike Road"

creator   Caleb Alvord (1751-1819)
date   1798
location   Massachusetts
width   6.5"
height   15.5"
process/materials   printed paper, ink
item type   Public Announcements/Advertisement
accession #   #L00.062

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