Family Life - 1780 - 1820
Child Life: Discovery of Childhood

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image of Bangwell Putt doll

Image Description:
This rag doll is made of neutral colored linen and cotton fabrics.Her hands are made of leather. She wears an undershirt, a top shirt of a brown patterned cloth which is badly tattered, and an overskirt of coarse cloth. She is crudely made, having no face and unequal length arms.

Following is the text from the interactive activity. This text refers to things depicted in the image.

Although Bangwell lacks the elaborate facial features of a china-headed or wax doll, she is more durable and sturdy.

Bangwell Putt wears all the proper eighteenth-century undergarments: a linen corset with wood stays, a bodice, and a petticoat, all of linen. The wool petticoat and drawers Bangwell wears under her dress date from a later period.

Bangwell Putt lacks a face, but her ten fingers are carefully made, suggesting the importance of touch in Clarissa's world.


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