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Things To Do
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Activities from "Turns of the Centuries" Exhibit

Interactive activities let you explore objects, pictures and documents featured in our online exhibit "Turns of the Centuries".

Family Life

1680 - 1720

Childhood: Fleeting Mortality

Gender Roles: Beliefs and Gender Roles

Education: Print and Protestantism

Customs: Possessions Reveal Social Standing

Getting Things: Importing Status

1780 - 1820

Childhood: Discovery of Childhood

Gender Roles: A New American Woman

Education: Educated Citizens

Customs: Marketing Gentility

Getting Things: Adding Up

1880 - 1920

Childhood: Play Imitates Life

Gender Roles: A New American Workforce

Education: A Revolution in Education

Customs: True Refinement

Getting Things: The New Consumer

Native Americans

1680 - 1720

Place in Time: Land and People

Two Worlds: Bridging Cultures

Points of Contact: Sharing and Adapting

1780 - 1820

Place in Time: "A martyr to his cause"

Points of Contact: Traveling Old Trails

1880 - 1920

Two Worlds: Moving Between Worlds

Points of Contact: Ethnicity and Tourism

African Americans

1680 - 1720

Struggle for Freedom: "Run-away from his Master"

Working: "Servant for Life"

"Black Yankees": Slavery in New England

1780 - 1820

Struggle for Freedom: A Peculiar Institution

Working: "Where art and strength combine"

"Black Yankees": Revolution

1880 - 1920

Struggle for Freedom : Churches and Community

Working: Finding a Place

"Black Yankees": After Reconstruction


1680 - 1720

New Groups: A Great Migration

Working : "To 1 day work at my house"

Beliefs: A City upon a Hill

1780 - 1820

New Groups: A New Society

Working: An Industrial Revolution

Beliefs: An Age of Optimism

1880 - 1920

New Groups: A Nation of Immigrants

Working: Factories and Farms

Beliefs: American Religion and Immigration

The Land

1680 - 1720

Agriculture: Agriculture and Community

Industry: Harnessing Water Power

Understanding Landscapes: A Howling Wilderness?

Public Space: The Meeting House

Private Space: Shared Space

1780 - 1820

Agriculture: Agrarian Rhythms

Industry: Transportation Technology

Understanding Landscapes: A Pastoral Landscape

Public Space: Common Institutions

Private Space: Separating the Public from the Private

1880 - 1920

Survival and Revival

Transforming Rural Landscapes

Back to Nature

Balancing Diversity with Community

Ensuring Privacy


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