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Cover "A Record of Sunderland in the Civil War of 1861 to 1865"
A town history commissioned in 1880 describes in some detail the Civil War stories of all the soldiers who served from Sunderland, Massachusetts.
document "The Sweet Little Man."
c. 1861
This satirical poem describes men who shirked their military duty during the Civil War.
Page 1 Civil War letter to Ella Melendy
Feb 13, 1862
John Fuller spent months in a hospital in Maryland after he joined the army as he describes in this letter from February, 1862.
Page 1 Civil War letter to Ella Melendy
Mar 5, 1862
In this letter to his fiancée, John Fuller describes how his commander, General Frederick Lander, died in March of 1862.
Page 1 Civil War letter to Ella Melendy
May 8, 1862
Like most soldiers during the war, John Fuller spent much of his first year garrisoning places including the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, from which he wrote this letter in May 1862.
Page 1 Civil War letter to Ella Melendy
Feb 13, 1865
John Fuller writes in February, 1865, from the front lines in Northern Virginia how he and his brother are building a hut to keep warm and out of the weather, sustained by his religious faith and in the rightness of his cause.
Page 1 Civil War letter to Ella Melendy
Jun 29, 1865
John Fuller writes at the end of the Civil War that he will be coming home very soon, but that before he can come back to Deerfield he has to participate in the victory parade in New York City.
front Memorial - 52nd Massachusetts Volunteers
c. 1863
This painting commemorates the soldiers lost to disease from the 52nd Massachusetts Volunteer Regiment in 1863.
document "The Vicksburg Daily Citizen"
Jul 2, 1863
The Vicksburg Daily Citizen was printed on wallpaper near the end of the siege, and it detailed life in that besieged city until the bitter end on 3 July 1863.
document Confederate bond
Mar 2, 1863
The Confederacy, like the Union, sold bonds to pay for the war. This is an example of one of the bonds that remained unsold.


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