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Page 10 Excerpt of Dr. Joseph Goodhue's Diary
Jan 12, 1812
Dr. Joseph Goodhue (1764-1849) recorded John Pettis' alcohol-related death at Fort Constitution, New Hampshire, in 1812.
Page 12 Excerpt from W. Scott Keith's Civil War Military Journal
Jun 28, 1863
Soldiers often kept diaries that recorded their experiences during the war.
Title page Excerpts from the Diary of Ruth Pease
Ruth Pease (1789-1858) set herself a series of resolutions in her diary, based on the writings of 18th-century Puritan leader, Jonathan Edwards, which she hoped would help her lead a more moral life.
Cover Excerpts from the Diary of Ellen Louisa Arms (Sheldon)
Twelve-year-old Ellen Louisa Arms (1847-1913) began her diary with the notation that an eleven-year-old neighbor boy, John Sheldon (1848-1908), was coming to visit.
Cover Excerpts from the diary of Elizabeth Babcock Leonard
When Elizabeth Babcock Leonard (1810-1892) wrote her diary, she centered it on the activities of her daughter.
Title page Excerpts from Agnes Gordon Higginson Fuller Diary
Robert Higginson Fuller describes the death of his father, the artist George Fuller, in 1884, from Bright's Disease, and how his doctors were helpless to do anything about it.
Cover Excerpts from the diary of Elsie M. Putnam
Elsie Putnam's diary describes the life of a single Deerfield, Massachusetts, woman in 1888, including a brief mention of the great Blizzard of that year. The diary gives a glimpse into the active life of a young woman of the Victorian era.


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