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WHEREAS, Ruggles S. Torrey, of Bangor, in the County of Penobscot and State of Maine, has obtained LETTERS PATENT, dated June 7, 1859, for a new and useful improvement in BEE HIVES AND WHEREAS Josiah Gale of Barre in the County of Washington and State of Vermont

being desirous of acquiring an interest therein:
NOW THIS INDETURE WITNESSETH, That for and in consideration of the sum of Three Dollars to Me in hand paid, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged I have assigned, sold and set over, and do hereby assign, sell and set over to the said Gale all the right, title and interest which I have in the invention, so secured by said Letters Patent, for his own use in one location

and in no other place or places, the same to be held and enjoyed by the said Gale for his own use in behoof, in one location, and for the use of his legal representatives, to the full end of the term for which said Letters Patent are
granted, as fully and entirely as the same would have been enjoyed by Me had this assignment not been made.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set My hand and affixed My seal, this 11th day of Sept 1862.

Signed, Sealed and Delivered,
in presence of
R.S. Torrey
By his Atty
A.T. Merrill

(c) Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association, Deerfield MA. All rights reserved.
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Ruggles Torrey was selling an idea. In 1859, he invented a beehive that he called the "Maine State Bee-Hive." Josiah Gale, a farmer from Barre, Vermont, wanted to build one of Torrey's hives. By sending Torrey three dollars, Gale then got permission to build those hives "for his own use [and] in one location." This license allowed Mr. Gale to construct beehives following Torrey's plans. Mr. Torrey had the description printed on the back of the license, and may have sent plans of the patent along with this license.


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License for Bee Hives

creator   Josiah Gale (1825-1908)
date   Sep 11, 1862
location   Vermont
height   7.5"
width   9.75"
process/materials   printed paper, ink with manuscript
item type   Legal Documents/Contract
accession #   #L01.068

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