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Official Bulletin

Greenfield Mass.
Mohawk Klan
July 1st 1928

Regular Klonklaves held in Schubert Hall, Shelburne Falls, Mass second Mondays in every month.
Knights of Pythias Hall, Greenfield, fourth Mondays in every month.
All Regular Klonklaves open at 8 P.M.

Read carefully and take due notice, *****None but K-Trio members in good standing, can be admitted to Klonklaves (as per Constution [sic]) THIS RULE WE ARE COMPELLED TO OBSERVE.

At the Klonklave Monday evening July 9th, in Schubert Hall Shelburne Falls, the Officers for the coming year will be installed it is your duty to attend and make the installation as representative, as possible

On sunday July 22nd it is porposed to pay The Congregational Church in Buckland, a surprise visit, the service begins at 10.30 Let Mohawk Klan Members their Family and Friends, attend this service and togather worship God as Our Fathers Worshiped, at Athol Pilgrimage we mustered 17 cars, lets make this 20.

It is also proposed that each Family take along their lunch and after Devine Service go a little further along the road to Ashfield Pond, and have lunch togather, Com on Klansmen Lets Go.

At Knights of Pythias Hall Greenfield July23rd.the K-Trio degree will probibly be worked ,come and take it.

Our Order is the only Militant institution in America, that is fighting to preserve the liberty of the people of Our land and protect our American Institutions. The Hydra headed Enemy knows this and is moving Heaven and Earth to stop out force and prevent such accomplishment. Some ask "What have we done"? Well listen we blocked the nomination of Alcohol Smith in 1924. We so far have kept The United States from war with Mexico (The Knights of Columbus notwithstanding) We fought against The Worlds Court scheme and won against all odds. We were instrumental in getting the Restricted Immigration Bill framed and passed. We have fought consistently every movement that had for its purpose the taking away of American liberty from The American Continent and the destruction of American high Ideals, and we must still fight to keep that liberty and those ideals from departing from America and being given into the hands, Alien hands, the hands of the Romish Pope across the sea, Those hands that are ever trying to scrap our Constitution and tear The Stars from our Flag, dim its stripes and overshadow it with the fxxxxxxxxxxx Flag of Rome. Klansmen from how on we must be aggressive more, more and still more, every one of us is a cog in The Wheel that Grinds Slowly, each must show his willingness to do and dare and make effective the efforts in carrying out the program and the battle in the months to come.

We believe that Klansmen who allow their dues to lapse and so lose touch with what we are ding and trying to do, what we have to face in the next few months especially, do not realize that the Time Is Here and Now, when the Call for every Real,Loyal True American who evens claims Reverence for God and Country, forConstitution a nd Flag, for Liberty and High Ideals, must hear THAT CALL and answer Plainly, either YES or No.

If you do realize the conflicts that confront Patriotic Protestant America, Keep in the line, Faithful and steady in the ranks of The Army of The Firey Cross, with the battle cry"Onward Christian Soldiers"

Will you be to us A Comrade orjust a spectator standing passivly o idle and non resistant as Political Rome endeavors to strangle TThe Faith Of Our Fathers" destroy and bring to ruin the Institutions that were brought into being and given life, through tremendious struggles and heroic sacrifices of Our Protestant Fathers and Mothers in the years that have passed.

Klansmen, be Loyal and True, live up to The Oath that you sworn to carry out ,The Obligation you took before God and Man.

(c) Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association, Deerfield MA. All rights reserved.
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This Bulletin was the publication of the Ku Klux Klan in Franklin County, Massachusetts. It refers to the K-Trio, but never comes out and prints "Ku Klux Klan." The Klan felt that it was preserving liberty and protecting American institutions by fighting immigration and a perceived threat from the Roman Catholic Church.


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Official Bulletin of the Mohawk Klan

creator   Klonklaves
date   Jul 1, 1928
location   Greenfield, Massachusetts
height   15.0"
width   8.5"
process/materials   printed paper, ink
item type   Public Announcements/Program
accession #   #L04.008

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