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The Western Battle Ground.

Nothing but Republican Votes to Who for Boy Oratory in Chicago.

Chicago and Illinois were the very centre of Bryanite hopes, and the great Republican victory in city and state struck at the heart of the cause. The State was estimated at an early hour, Tuesday night, as giving 150,000 plurality for McKinley. The congressional delegation will be almost solidly Republican and the new United States senator who succeeds John M. Palmer will be a Republican also. Tanner, Republican candidate for governor, defeated Altgeld by about 125,000 plurality. Chicago and Cook county gave McKinley a plurality of more than 60,000.

Illinois declared for Wm. McKinley by at least 115,000 plurality, according the latest advice.

In addition to this victory, John R. Tanner defeated Gov. Altgeld by at least 90,000. His vote in Chicago however, was not equal to that for McKinley.

The plurality of 90,000 for McKinley in Ohio is unprecedent in the history of Ohio elections.

Indiana elected a Republican Legislature, which will return a Republican to the United States Senate in place of Voorhees.

The plurality for McKinley will reach 30,000. The gold Democrats aided in carrying the day. They have called a meeting to organize to take charge of the party organization in this State.

Conservative Republicans say that the majority for McKinley over Bryan in Iowa will not be less than 50,000.

Wisconsin went for McKinley by 80,000 and the Legislature goes Republican. The Congressmen elected are all Republicans.

National Committeeman, E. C. Wall and State Central Committee Peck of the Democratic Party concede that Wisconsin has gone Republican by between 50,000 and 75,000.

Nearly complete returns from all but six small counties in Oregon give McKinley 35, 954; Bryan, 31,509; McKinley majority, 3.242. The complete returns will not materially change results. Sol Hirsch, Chairman of the Republican State Committees of Oregon wired The Associated Press as follows: "Oregon will give McKinley 3,500 to 5,000."

The returns leave no doubt that California has gone for McKinley by from 3,000 to 5,000, and the Republicans have elected probably six out of seven Congressmen.

Minnesota, which was regarded as doubtful by both parties, has surprised everybody by the size of its Republican plurality, and McKinley has 30,000 to 40,000 more votes in the State than Bryan. Gov. Clough, whose election was considered doubtful, is certainly elected.

North Dakota by 5,000; South Dakota by 3,500, and possibly Wyoming were late additions to the Republican column.

Kansas finally went to Bryan by a very close vote; Nebraska also by a narrow margin. Missouri gave him 30,000; Nevada, Colorado, Montana and Idaho gave large Bryan majorities.

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This article from the Greenfield, Massachusetts Gazette and Courier concerns the votes in the western states during the 1896 Presidential election. William McKinley won most of the states by a large margin, although William Jennings Bryan was able to carry Missouri, Nevada, Colorado, Montana, and Idaho by strong majorities. McKinley won the election country-wide and in the electoral college by the largest majority in over 24 years.


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The Western Battle Ground article published in the Greenfield Gazette and Courier newspaper

publisher   Greenfield Gazette and Courier
date   Nov 7, 1896
location   Greenfield, Massachusetts
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process/materials   printed paper, ink
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