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Form OPA R-1107

Class 3 Consumer Coupons

(One-Gallon Coupons)

Copy this number in ink on each coupon in the
space provided. After each 5 or 10 entries, check
against original number for accuracy.
V 877577 AJ7 V877577 AJ7
Date issued Oct 1, 1943 Date expires March 31, 1944
These coupons are issue to Caryll Crafts to be used at
Graves St.
(Number and street or R. F. D.)
So. Deerfield
City or post office)


and consists of 80 coupons of 1 gallon each, a total  
of 80 gallons.  

Dealers in fuel or their representatives are hereby authorized
to deliver fuel oil to the above person or his agent for use at
the above address, and are required to detach from this
sheet coupons having a gallonage value equal to the quan-
tity of oil delivered, in accordance with the rules and reg-
ulations of the Office of Price Administration in effect at
the time of such delivery. At the time of delivery, the
dealer or his agent must fill in the delivery record below.
War Price and
Rationing Board No. 106 at So. Deerfield
By Frank R. Culter
Received by
(Signature of coupon holder

(c) Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association, Deerfield MA. All rights reserved.
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Rationing became a way of life for people on the home front during World War II (WWII), from 1941-1945, affecting everything from the quantity and kind of food people ate to the clothes they wore. This is the cover sheet for a ration book of fuel oil coupons, or stamps, issued to Caryll Crafts of South Deerfield, Massachusetts, by the South Deerfield Ration Board. It entitled him to purchase 80 gallons of fuel oil for the period October 1, 1943 to March 31, 1944. While Class 4 allowed an applicant to purchase more than 300 gallons for the year, Class 3 allowed an applicant to purchase fewer than 300 gallons. Mr. Crafts was a Class 3 consumer. When the fuel oil dealer delivered fuel to Mr. Crafts, he was required to detach from the book, coupons having a value in gallons equal to the quantity of oil delivered. The dealer then filled in the form for Record of Deliveries.


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WWII Class 3 Fuel Oil Ration coupons

printer   Government Printing Office
date   Mar 31, 1944
location   South Deerfield, Massachusetts
height   5.25"
width   4.0"
process/materials   printed paper, ink with manuscript
item type   Legal Documents/Government/Society Records
accession #   #L05.162

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