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In SENATE, October 5, 1781.

WHEREAS a resolve passed the 3d day of July last, making provision for the pay of the soldiers, who were employed in the three, six and eight months of service, in 1780, has been found ineffectual for that purpose.

Therefore, Resolved that the above mentioned resolve be, and it hereby is repealed, and that more effectual provision may be made for the payment of the soldiers, who were employed in the three, six and eight months of service in 1780.

It is hereby resolved, That the Selectmen of the several towns, and Committees of plantations in this Commonwealth be, and they are hereby directed to make out pay rolls for the service of six months men, belonging to, or raised for their several towns and plantations, who were employed in the Continental service, in the year of our Lord 1780, at the rate of forty shillings per Callendar month, setting forth in distinct columns, the names of the soldiers, distinguishing such as are deserters, the time of their marching to camp, the time of their discharge the number of miles from the place of their discharge, to their respective homes, the number of months and days each soldier was in service, including one day's service for every twenty miles distance from the place of their discharge, to their respective homes, and the amount of each soldier's wages. And the said Selectmen and Committees are directed to make up the said pay rolls upon the best evidence they can obtain, availing themselves as far as possible of the discharge the soldiers borne on their rolls, received of the several continental officers on their discharge from the six months service.

And it is further resolved, That the Selectmen and Committees aforesaid, shall make oath to the pay rolls by them made out as aforesaid, and the said Selectmen and Committees are directed as soon as may be, to forward them to the Committee of muster rolls for examination, which oath shall be administered by some Justice of the Peace in the town where such Selectmen or Committees belong, the Clerk of such town is hereby for that purpose, impowered to administer the said oath, in the forms following, viz.

You __ do severally swear, that in making up the pay roll by you now exhibited, you have acted honestly and impartially, and that it is just and true, according to the best of your knowledge.
So help you GOD.

And it is further resolved,That the Treasurer of this Commonwealth be, and he hereby is directed, to give receipts on the Constables and Collectors of the next State tax, for the payment of the warrants that may be drawn in favour of the soldiers, who were employed in the three, six and eight months service in the year 1780, in discharge of the said service.

And it further resolved, That the Secretary be and hereby is directed, to publish the aforegoing resolves in Willis's next Thursday News-Paper.
Sent down for concurrence,
SAMUEL ADAMS, President.
In the House of Representatives, Octo. 23, 1781.
Read and concurred,
NATH. GORHAM, Speaker.
John Hancock,
True copy, Attest.
JOHN AVERY, Secretary.

(c) Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association, Deerfield MA. All rights reserved.
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label levels:

There is currently no available "Beginner" label. The following is the default level label: Soldiers in the Continental Army served various lengths of time. The most common terms were three, six and eight months. This resolve seeks to improve the method of payment for men who served in 1780. It sets out the way the pay rolls are to be set up, and sets the pay rate at forty shillings per calendar month. The number of days of service included one day for every twenty miles of distance between the place the soldier was discharged and his home. Once the pay rolls were drawn up, the selectmen were to swear that they were done honestly and impartially. The secretary was directed to publish in the newspaper as a means of public notice.


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Resolve by Massachusetts Senate on soldier's pay article from The Independent Chronicle and the Universal Advertiser newspaper

publisher   Independent Chronicle & The Universal Advertiser
printer   Nathaniel Willis
creator   Commonwealth of Massachusetts
date   Nov 1, 1781
location   Boston, Massachusetts
height   9.0"
width   3.0"
process/materials   printed paper, ink
item type   Periodicals/Newspaper
accession #   #L07.045

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