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  It is agreed by ye persons whose names are underwritten being
  Legatties to ye Estate of or Honord ffather & Mother Thomas Wells
  Senr & Mary Wells deceased who by their prudent care & Love
  to us have Left us considerable parts & prsells of Estate wch care
  & Love and all their good Counsells & instructions we have Cause
  Ever to remember and as to ye distribution of sd Estate amongt
  us their children Legatties aforenamed we Mutually agree
  for or selves or heirs Executors administrators or Assignes as ffollows
1 Wee agree yt as to or Bror Thomas Wells deceased & his heirs
  he haveing Recd his portion in or Mothers life tyme & wtsoe
  Ever parts or prsells of ye Estate in his hands we allow to remayne
  & be to him & his heirs for ever more they Exonerating all
  concerned in any further Claims & c
2 As to or Bror Jonathan Wells he haveing Recd ye most part of
  his Right & due in or Mothers life tyme yet to have Six
  pounds Six shillings & Six pence all wch we ingage orselves
  or heirs Executors administrators or Assignes it shall be to him
  & his heirs for Ever Exonerating sd Estate or those concerned
  from any further Claime
3 As to or Bror Samll Wells his portion to be Sixtie Six pounds
  to be to him & his heirs for Ever
4 Noah Wells or Bror his portion to be Sixtie Six pounds
5 Ebenezr Wells or Bror his portion to be Sixtie Six pounds
6 Ephraim Wells or Bror his portion to be Sixtie Six pounds
7 Joshua Wells or Bror his portion to be Sixtie Six pounds
8 To Mary Wells alias Belding as her portion fiftie pounds
9 To Hannah Wells alias White as her portion fiftie pounds
  Now as to ye abovesd Legaties ye Estate is divided to ym as

[ ] [ s ] [ d ]
Jonathan Wells hath 3 // 00 // 00 for ye paymt of wch there is Estate
Recd 3 // 6 // 6 Rest due   as ffollows
Noah Wells hath Recd of 2 // 09 // 09 In Sarah Wells hands 6 // 3 // 2
his 63 // 20 // 3 Rests due   In Ebenezr Wells hands 6 // 9 // 0
Epr Wells hath Received 15 // 00 // 00 In Estate Now in being &
51 // 0 // 0 Rests due   to be improved to pay sd 50 // 9 // 9
Joshua Wells hath Recd 15 // 00 // 00 debts with all at
51 // 0 // 0 Rest due   63 // 11 // 11
Mary Wells hath Recd 2 // 11 // 2 The abovsd Makes a just [Balle ?] of
47 // 8 // 10 Rests due 13 // 20 // 11 all accompts & whereas there may
Hanah Wells hath Recd 13 // 20 // 11 be other parts & prsells of Estate yt may
36 // 9 // 1 Rests due   not yet appeare we Mutually agree
Subscribe this 6 of Octobr 1691    
Signed In ye prsence of Ephraim Wells Jonathan Wells
Witnesses Samll Partrigg Senr Joshua Wells Noah Wells
David White Stephen Belding Ebenezr G Wells
  John White Mark
(c) Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association, Deerfield MA. All rights reserved.
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Thomas Wells of Hadley, Massachusetts, died in 1676 at age 56, leaving no will. His widow remarried eighteen months later. When she died in 1691 at age 60, the courts drew up a distribution of their estate to insure that the heirs would receive their fair share. Of the eleven children alive when the father died, two more have died by 1690. The distribution recognizes the nine survivors, male and female, and awards them each a sum of money, noting the amounts already received.


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Thomas Wells distribution of property among children

creator   Oliver Partridge (1712-1792)
date   1692
location   Deerfield, Massachusetts
height   12.0"
width   7.75"
process/materials   manuscript, paper, ink
item type   Legal Documents/Estate Settlement
accession #   #L99.080

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