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To the Honorable Senate and House of Representatives,
We, the undersigned residents of the "Old Street" in this
town of Deerfield, hereby petition that the bill to in-
corporate the Greenfield and Deerfield Street Railway
Company be passed without the proposed amend-
ment prohibiting the building of said road upon
Deerfield Street.

1 Charles Jones

19 Arthur W. Ball

2 Charles H. Ashley

20 O. W. Cook

3 Theodore Childs

21 F. E. Everett

4 Edw. C. Cowles

22 A.W. Bartlett

5 David Henry

23 Arthur J. Hawks

6 John F. Carlile

24 Thomas Kennedy

7 William P Saxton

25 William [Mehan]

8 B. M. Wentworth

26 Geo. S. Everett

9 William M. Kelleen

27 Bert L. Brown

10 Frank A. Kenedy

28 George J Slocomb

11 J. E. Lamb

29 G. F. Everett

12 Edward Newton

30 William J. Taylor

13 H. L. Childs

31 Frank Nims

14 M. F. Childs

32 Geo. W. Fuller

15 H. E. Warron

33 [Miss] F. E. Stebbins

16 Edward J. Everett

34 [Mrs.] E. R. Stebbins

17 S. S. Graham

35 F. W. Stebbins

18 H. C. Wells

36 G. J. Arms

(c) Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association, Deerfield MA. All rights reserved.
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Twenty-six people from Deerfield's Main Street and 24 people from outside of Deerfield signed this petition. They wanted the Massachusetts Senate and House of Representatives to grant the right for the planned electric railway, or trolley, to run on the Deerfield main street. Oddly, the handwriting is all that of one person and that person has not been identified. Because of 2 notes "illigible' [sic], one can assume that the petitioners signed a paper and someone copied the names on a fresh sheet to send to Boston. The petition is not dated, but was written sometime before the street railway began operation in December of 1901.


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Petition in favor of trolley on Deerfield's Main Street

author   Unidentified
date   c. 1900
location   Deerfield, Massachusetts
height   10.0"
width   8.0"
process/materials   manuscript, paper, ink
item type   Legal Documents/Petition
accession #   #L99.119

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