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MT. HOLYOKE FEMALE SEMINARY.-A pamphlet is published, setting forth a general view of the principles and design of the Mount Holyoke Female Seminary, to be established at south Hadley. We have not seen the pamphlet, but find the following abstract of its contents in the Boston Recorder:-

The design of this institution is, 'to give a solid, extensive and well-balanced English education' to ladies; to fit them for teachers and other spheres of usefulness.

1. It professes to be founded on the high principle of enlarged Christian benevolence, and is sacredly consecrated to the Great Head of the church.

2. It is placed on a firm, legal basis; has an act of incorporation, and nine Trustees; President Humphrey standing first on the list.

3. It is designed to be permanent; continuing onward in its operation from generation to generation; sustained by permanent funds; and by the character of its instruction.

4. The general course of study, and character of instruction given, are to be like those of the Ipswich Female Seminary.

5. It is to be entirely for adult young ladies; the admission of younger Misses would involve a public loss, far greator [sic] than the individual good.

6. Every member of the school will board in the establishment; teachers and pupils, without exception, will form one family.

7. It is designed to furnish the best facilities for education, at a very moderate expense. Charges t the pupils for board and instruction will be placed at cost, without rent for buildings or furniture.

8. The principle of entire equality among the pupils is to be adopted; charges the same to all, rich or poor.

9. The young ladies are all to take a part in the domestic work of the family: not as a servile labor, but as a gratuitous service to the institution; giving to it a greater degree of independence; promoting the health, improvement and happiness of the pupils.

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The early 19th century saw much educational reform, including increased opportunities for women who wanted an education beyond what they could learn at their town's common school. Women were called upon to educate a rising generation of new citizens as mothers and teachers, and with the industrial revolution came new jobs for young women outside of the confines of the home. Academies for young women sprouted up in towns all over New England, including the one Mary Lyon founded in Holyoke. Since students at the Mt. Holyoke Female Seminary were to be boarders- a relatively new experience for females- emphasis was placed upon creating a family-style environment. The school proved quite successful in its design for permanency, since it still exists today as Mt. Holyoke College.


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"Mt. Holyoke Female Seminary" article in the Hampshire Gazette newspaper

publisher   Hampshire Gazette
date   Mar 29, 1837
location   Northampton, Massachusetts
width   2.5"
height   5.3"
process/materials   printed paper, ink
item type   Periodicals/Newspaper
accession #   #L11.001

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